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CSA review


Z. and I have been receiving our CSA produce for most of the summer now so I thought it was time to review how we like it.

The results are… mixed. Let’s review what we love and don’t love about it.

What We Love:

We get to try all sorts of new vegetables. Garlic scapes, thai tomatoes, globe squash, you name it. There was so much newness.

The vegetables were amazingly fresh.

The organization we got the CSA through is a wonderful organization that Z. and I support.

What We Didn’t Love:

I feel like our waste increased exponentially, especially in the beginning when it felt like we just got bags and bags of spring greens. While we did learn to cook some wonderful new recipes and add a lot of variety, there are only so many beets 2 people can consume. Or basil (OMG so much basil was given).

It threw off our routine. I know that sounds silly, but we always grocery shop on Friday because that is our most free evening.We got our CSA box on Tuesday, and it never felt like we were able to adjust our grocery shopping routine to accommodate Tuesday.

Finally, and this will resolve itself after I am out of school, but I felt like I did not have the time to really research and find new recipes for all the lovely new vegetables.

Would we do it again? Absolutely. But next time, we will plan to spend more time on planning and adjusting our routine.


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