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July Favorites

More summer time loving! July has been very busy but full of sunny fun.


Due to our lovely CSA, we have had an abundance of swiss chard and NO idea what to do with it. So we made a vegan version of this Swiss Chard and Pinto bean burrito by cutting out the cheese. I was honestly not really down with the idea of vegan burritos, but it ended up being amazing. Seriously, we loved it so much that we made another batch and put them in the freezer.

Another favorite was this Cantonese steamed fish recipe. I avoided making it for a long time because I didn’t want to buy a fancy steamer. Then I realized I have a steamer attachment for my double boiler, so we gave it a while. It was wonderful.


Fashion Favorites

Two months ago I picked up these beauties, which you have probably seen if you follow my instagram. It took me a bit to start to wear them, but once I did, I wore them nonstop. Fancy tasting at the Olmstead? Yep. Church? Yep. Date night to the palace? Yep. Turns out there is no social setting in which gold dinosaurs aren’t appropriate. Plus, they always get a ton of compliments! Find similar here.


Non Faves

I try to not buy a lot of pre-made foods, so when I do I want it to be 1. good 2. something I am likely to not make myself and 3. good quality. In true hipster fashion, trader Joe’s has been my go to. With two very busy weeks coming up, I decided now was a good time to get some quick easy dinners in the fridge so we tried this:

mango chicken.JPG

It sucks. And is accordance to the rules of the internet, I found one other guy to agree with me so my opinion is legit ( I also shamelessly used his image). But truly, it was a pain to make, the mangoes ended up mushy, and the flavor was generally bland. I would recommend not buying this.

This recipe for pineapple teriyaki chicken. I saw this on Pinterest and I obsessed about making it. OBSESSED. And it isn’t bad – but it is so much work and the taste just doesn’t pay off. So, it wasn’t a pinterest fail, but it was a pinterest pain.

Also you waste a pineapple. Boo.

Pineapple teriyaki chicken bowls

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