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West Virginia Roadtrip

Miss me yet?

Z. and I were out of town this weekend for a road trip to West Virginia for the wedding of a dear friend, and I just needed a mental health day from the blog before the trip. But now I am back to tell you all about our lovely trip.

We headed out after my clinical rotation. The wedding was in Snowshoe, WV, which was a 7-hour drive. So, we decided to stay half way in Huntington, WV. But first, we stopped for Sonic. Laugh if you will, but because Z. and I always try to eat local, we kinda get excited to eat fast food on road trips. I know it’s weird.

West Virginia road trip

We made it to Huntington about 2100, checked in to the hotel, and promptly ran to Walmart for cheese, sausage, crackers, and feminine hygiene products. Who says we don’t know how to PAR-TAY!

We really wanted to do something in Huntington, but there were not a ton of options. We choose Heritage Farm. It was totes adorbs, guys.

Hanging out at Heritage farm. #nomakeup

Normally I am a little hesitant about single donor museums/ historic sites, but this was pretty well done. Lots of stuff, friendly staff, and so, so pretty. If you are in the area, I highly recommend it.

Farm site


That afternoon, we drove the rest of the way for the wedding. Can we please all take a moment to admire this beautiful wedding with this ridiculously gorgeous bride?

West Virginia road trip

Beautiful couple

The wedding was a BLAST.

Then reality set in. We had decided to drive back to Huntington. Is your first thought, Hmmm that seems dumb? Because it was. It was dark, terrible dangerous roads, and no GPS signal. Point: don’t drive in West Virginia at night if you aren’t amazing at mountain driving.

But overall, it was a great trip and we will be back to Snowshoe, WV. You can’t ever regret seeing views like this:

Views from Snowshoe, WV



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