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Second Session

I am almost finished with my second session of my accelerated nursing program, so I thought I would give an update about how this session is going.

This session I took Med Surg I, which is basically adult nursing I. I will have four of these courses in my program. During this session, we began to delve into some of the key aspects of nursing care such as oxygenation, wound care, infections, etc. In lab, we learned to clean and care for wounds, give IV medications, and drop IV lines.

This session was also where we began our first round of clinicals. I was at a hospital close to my house (bonus!), that had a large immigration population and focused a great deal on community healthcare (double bonus!). If you didn’t know this about me, while a lot of my classmates love the ER/urgent care where its drama and then over, I am a long race girl, myself. Give me your chronic patients (but not heart), especially diabetes. I love wound care, patient education, and dealing with gastro (stomach) issues. It’s all preference, but it comes down to this hospital being a good one for me.

Clinicals are so fun and terrifying at the same time. It showed me how much I have learned and how much I still have to learn. But good Heaven’s the reality of nursing hits you. The first day where they give you orientation and explain how to start the process for a patient coding on you (coding = heart stops), all I could think was “Can’t I JUST FIND A NURSE?!?!”.  Not me, but a real nurse. Like I said, awesome but terrifying.

This is a strange thing to say, but for those of you considering nursing school, I find that the prereqs to get into nursing school are much harder than nursing school itself. And all the effort you put in to those prereqs pays itself forward tenfold in nursing school. There is so much material that just makes sense because I have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology. This is not to say that nursing school is easy, it is just not as bad (for me) as taking those prereqs.

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