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Mint Condition

The dining room project continues!

One of the things that I wanted to do was find a way to bring some light and color in to the dining room. After much pondering, I decided I wanted to paint the dining room chairs, which was so scary for me. I was absolutely convinced that as soon as I painted them, I would hate it and wish I had all the wood back.

Z. has been strongly encouraging me to go with my gut on design projects, so as soon as I mentioned this idea, he would not let it go. Boy, am I grateful that he didn’t.


I sanded, primed, then painted the chairs a mint color, which I thought would go well with the gray and white in the kitchen, the navy of the adjoining room, and the wood in the dining room. Total cost of this project? $20.

I love it. No, I LURV it so, so much. It won’t be everyone’s cup of (mint) tea, but it added just the right amount of color and fun in to the room.


What do you guys think? Would you ever consider paining your dining room chairs?

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