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Dining Room Redo

Z. and I are in the slow, slow process of redoing the dining room. When we bought this house the dining room was my least favorite part because it is paneled. Big, thick, 1960s paneling. But Z. LOVED it and we made an agreement that if I got to paint the kitchen cabinets, then I would keep my painting paws off the paneling. Plus, the paneling is actual wood. Like nice, thick real wood and I would feel guilty painting over it. But I also hate it.

For the past year and a half, I have been completely lost about what or how to decorate the room. I think I have finally settled on the idea of a modern rustic woodsy vibe, with little to no idea how to pull it off. But we will try and see what I end up with.

One of the first projects I have completed is this one:


Not going to lie, I am really proud of it. I am not a crafty or design-y person, so this was one of my better moments. Plus, it cost under $15!

I found the deer head at Hobby Lobby and painted it white. Eight months later (yes 8 months and many, many disastrous attempts to hang it later, I finally found this window pane and adhered it.) First I tried to tape it on. Nope. Then I hot glued it and it last a few days. But didn’t stick for longer than a week. Now we are on to super glue. That seemed to do the job and I never intended to use this pane again, so I didn’t mind that this was permanent.


What do you guys think? Also, if you have any other ideas on how I can keep with this modern woodsy theme or any better ideas, shoot them my way. I need the help!

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