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Sunshine on my sleeve

If you saw my beauty wish list here, you know I have been obsessing over the replica beach walk perfume. OBSESSED. There were just two problems – 1. The cost at $125, which is actually not that bad considering it is a 3.4 ounce, but it is a chunk of change, especially when you’re unemployed.  2. The staying power was not great on me. Other scents in this brand have fine staying power, but Beach walk disappeared after 3 or 4 hours.

In general, I am too lazy to touch up my perfume.

However, after saving and debating, I decided I loved the scent enough to spring for it anyway because I loved the scent so, so much.

When Z. and I were in Chicago, I went to a Sephora who had the whole line, which my Sephora did not have. I picked up the Beach Walk to buy when the salesperson I asked me if I had tried the Sun di Gioia perfume.

THEY SMELL THE SAME.  I am not kidding, the Replica and the di Gioia scent smell  so very, very similar; but, the di Gioia has much long staying power on me. Plus, they have a 1.7 ounce for $70 or 1.0 ounce for $48. That is a much easier price point to justify as a normal splurge. And since perfume can go bad, the smaller sizes make me feel like I can keep them in prime condition until the bottle is used up.

Needless to say, look what came home with me!P6211006.JPG

I really love it. It smells like beach, salt water, coconut, sunscreen, and sunshine. It is not a year round scent, but it  is smells exactly like my childhood memories of summer. Give it a shot.

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