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June Favorites


Garlic Scapes. When we got these in our CSA box, we were pretty clueless about what to do. We threw them in our chicken and broccoli recipe and tried a few other stir fry ideas. Then Z. decided to grill them one evening and I almost ate the entire batch myself. Grilled scapes taste like garlicy green beans, which are amazing!

Beet shakes. You might have read about it here, but they have really become a favorite of mine.

Non-food Favs. 

My dear friend gave me a bathtub desk thing. I have no idea what it’s name officially is or where he got it (although I believe it is this), but I love it. I try to spend at least one night a week just like this: IMG_1855

And, yes, I still burn pumpkin candles in July if I need the fall pick me up.

Bob’s burgers. I recognize everyone else has been watching this show for years but my general aversion to watching TV means I never got around to watching this. This show isn’t the funniest in the world, but it is lovely.

My new summer purse. I got a beautiful and sophisticated Kate Spade for Christmas last year that I adore. However, it was large and it was getting difficult to carry it around. I was looking for something smaller, colorful, and crossbody. In comes this beauty. It is last season so I was able to score it for $68, which is still expensive, but I will be carrying it for the next 4 years, if not more, so I feel good about my investment. So far, it has been great to travel with.

mint beauty on her first out of state trip


Dreaming Cow Grass Fed Cream top yogurt. As I wandered down the yogurt aisle at the grocery store, what to my wandering eye would appear, but some hipster natural yogurt that I felt I must try. Not. Good. The flavors sounded amazing. Dark Cherry Chai, I’m in. Maple ginger? Double heck yeah. Reality? The flavors didn’t blend together and overall it was very tart. This yogurt has all the good stuff for you in it, everything but a yummy flavor.

At one of the restaurant’s Z. and I went to in Chicago (if you’re in the area of Oakbrook, I’d highly recommend skipping Barbokoa), I ordered a margarita with extra salt. This is what they brought me. IMG_1828 (1)

Why? Just why? It was weird and I didn’t like it.

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