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My first session of nursing school just finished off and to celebrate Z. and I popped up to Chicago for a few days. Z. had to work Monday thru Wednesday, but we decided to come up a few days later to spend some time together. We needed it, honestly, to just be together with no stress or ability to worry.

So happy to be away!

Overall, we haven’t done much outside of cuddling and sleeping, but we did make it to the Brookfield Zoo, Millennium park, Lincoln Park arboretum, and to listen to the Chicago Symphony play in the park. We also ate Cambodian food and wandered around the various ethnic grocery stores we don’t have in Louisville. I might have also made Z. visit a  bunch of high end stores he doesn’t care about like Chanel and Burberry ;). I like to pet the pretty objects!

Here are some highlights.

Cloud gate
Z. loves Chicago style pizza

Also, check out this awesome display someone put in the arboretum. I don’t know who did it, but I have a crush on them!

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