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Ye First Ren Faire


That’s right, ladies and gents, this past weekend I went to my first Ren faire. If you’re in the kentuckiana area, this is the one that Z. and I went to. It was… interesting.

Kentucky Ren faire
First ren faire!

If you have never been to a ren faire, short for Renissance faire, it is a festival/show type atmosphere that celebrates fantasy with a very low dose of historical accuracy. There will be turkey legs and bagpipes, jousting and elves, shops, and people dressed in a plethora of costumes from Disney princesses to elves to knights to pirate wrenches. There will be corsets. So. Many. Corsets. It is very much in the Comic con spirit, if you have ever had that experience. If not, try this Big Bang Theory clip.

All the beer and turkey legs, folks.

The people there get really into it, and seemed really friendly and welcoming. I will say there does seem to a bit of feeling where this is an insiders club. But I imagine if you are really into this, you also can’t wait to come and share the experience with other people who love doing the same things you do.

The shopping is great if you’re into wolves or corsets or elves gear. You can also get leather beer mugs, if that is something you need in your life. I happen to be good without it.

It was fun, in its own way. I loved the people watching and how everyone expressed their creativity. There is fair food and beer, which are always fun, if perhaps not healthy. Z. and our friend threw axes and learned some archery, which was adorable and actually a lot of fun. You could also throw ninja stars because… historic accuracy?

So it is definitely an experience I would recommend. Once. Have you ever had those experiences? Where you had fun, but you really see no need to ever do it again? Yeah, one of those. But it is worth the try for the people watching, if nothing else. And who knows? You might love it!

Warning though, it is a bit expensive. $17 a piece, plus the cost of fair food. Thing $10 a burger and $5 for beer.

May pole


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