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Swimsuit, summertime

I need a new swimsuit and that is not something I generally like spending money on. Does anyone actually like trying on swimsuits? While I dread the poorly lit dressing rooms and trying on other suits that other women have also tried on, I am trying to embrace my body as something beautiful and powerful thing, even in a bathing suit. So, yeah, let’s do this thing!

But in case you also have to suffer through this as well, here are some stuff that are catching my eye. Let’s shop!

If you’re a one piece girl, which I am when I am around family or doing something very active, check out these beauties. Obviously, I have an obsession with black suits.

1, 2, 3, 4

For all my two-piece bikini fans, these are the few I am considering right now. In the past I have been a Victoria Secret bikini devotee, but this year has left me wanting.

1, 2

I love both of these for completely different reasons. Both are super fun prints, but I am not sure I can pull either off. Number 1 is young and so fun but I am unsure I can pull off the high-waist trend, while number 2 fulfills all my 60s retro loves. Dilemma, indeed.


One thought on “Swimsuit, summertime

  1. I love the marimekko one and the black and white stripes. I’m sad to see tankinis in short supply this year, since I hate having to either take the whole suit off or doing the scoot-it-over thing to pee, but I also like to keep my belly covered. Sorry fatkini, I’m not ready for you. I’d like the pink one, but I fear bizarre tan lines that will never go away.


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