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May Favorites

May was a momentous month for so many reasons. Z. and I went to Thailand, I turned 29, celebrated my second wedding anniversary, quit my job and have almost completed my first session of nursing school. #intense, ya’ll.

My blogging schedule is a little off right now, but don’t think I forgot about you guys! We will soon be back to our regularly scheduled program.

I will be doing a separate post about my favorites and must do’s from Thailand, so this will be some regular life favorites. However, it doesn’t feel like a proper favorite’s post without stating that obvious Thailand is one of my faves for the month!



Arugula. Every month seems to have a vegetable I obsess over. Most of spring it is asparagus, which I am sure doesn’t surprise any of my readers. But this month was also arugula. Check out this beautiful arugula and asparagus salad topped with some serrano ham that I made for Z. and my anniversary.


Night Owl decaf coffee from Whole Foods. Now, I completely understand your judgment about pre-ground beans and feel that I rightfully deserve it. But desperate times call for drastic measures, and I needed something to make me feel like I was drinking coffee when I hit those late nights studying.


Everything Else

I have one beauty love this month and it is this fragrance. I tend to love heavier scents, but it getting too hot for that. The notes on this practically scream summer: Mint, Brown Sugar, Lemon, Jasmine, Peony, Pink Pepper, Cedarwood, Labdanum. I recently missed their Jasmine perfume release, but I have my eye on their summer scent. We shall see. 4

P6030951.JPGFor my birthday, Z. bought me this beautiful Olivia Burton watch and I have been wearing it like crazy. I love their designs and watches are one of the few types of jewelry that I will wear consistently. Seriously, look how beautiful this is?

Olivia Burton watch 

My bullet journal. I started buljo about 2 months ago and while it has been a process of fits and starts, overall, I love it more than any other planner I have ever had. Plus, it gives me something to gush about with the 46-year-old man who sits next me in Health Assessment. (I love things that all me to make random connections).

And my final love? It’s a pure brag. Last year, I begged and pleaded Z. to allow me to buy 2 hydrangea plant. I am notoriously bad at plants, so he was very hesitant to give me anything that required the least bit of effort and cost more than $2. Well, ha! Check out these totally not dead plants, ya’ll!

Totally not dead plant. 

Let’s see what catches my eye this month, shall we?


One thought on “May Favorites

  1. Hahaha, love the captioning on your totally not dead plant. Also, I bow to your clearly superior gardening skills. Glad life is awesome, happy 29th year!


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