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Thailand memories

Ready for more Thailand bragging?

thailand general

One of my favorite things we did in Thailand was to visit the Damnoen Saduak Floating market, which is exactly like it sounds. There was a floating market and you got to enjoy it while on a boat. This one was completely touristy, but still such a fun and unique experience. I hesitated at first over the cost, which was like $20, but Z. talked me in to it. That man is awesome. Check out this awesomeness.

floating market 2

floating market

After the market, we stopped briefly so we could see how rock salt was mined. It looked like miserable hard work. Definitely will change how I view those cheap bags of salt I throw on the snow.


Then it was off to have lunch at the river kwai, where we ate on the river, walked the infamous bridge over the river kwai, and then visited the veterans’ cemetery to pay our respects and visit the museum.

ce,river kwai

We proceed to our resort on the River Kwai, which was Z’s favorite part. It was this secluded jungle locale where you had to take a long boat to get to the hotel.

I was a little more hesitant, since I’m not a nature girl, but it ended up being extraordinary. I spent my 29th birthday here and we celebrated by taking an elephant ride, visiting a Buddhist tiger temple, and an hour long Thai couple’s massage. Can a birthday get any more magical? The answer is no, no it can’t.

elephant ride 4

elephant ride 5

Check out the tigers!

Leaving here was really hard. This was the place we really connected with the other group members our age, and we spent the nights chilling in a pool in the middle of the jungle, laughing, drinking thai beer, and bonding with other travelers.

hotel pool

The last place we visited in Thailand was Ayutthaya, which was Thailand’s historic capital. It was my own Indiana Jones moment. This was the worst hotel we stayed in, but I can deal with it in exchange for a UNESCO visit.

It was then back to Bangkok for a final night via the kind’s summer palace, and then off home.

thailand general 2.jpg

It was hard to leave. If you ever get a chance to visit, I cannot recommend it enough.

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