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Exciting (Food) News!

Look at this awesome image from the Louisville Grows organization.                  Check them out here

Z. and I signed up for our first CSA and we should get our first shipment this month!!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with CSAs, it stands for Community Supported agriculture and usually means that you (the consumer) pairs with one or more local farms, you pledging a certain amount of money and in exchange, you get a weekly supply of fresh vegetables. You don’t get to pick the vegetables, but instead it will be completely seasonal and dependent on how the growing season in your area is going.

Our CSA is actually in our neighborhood (literally a big empty plot across the street) and is a training school that works with the large refugee population in our area. You can read the description here.

It is pricey (at least for those on a tighter budget), ours is a share with 7-8 items each week for 22 weeks. Cost is $525 for the season. This comes out to $105 a month, out of our $200 grocery budget.

If you are thinking why would you do that, well for us, it helps us accomplish several things that are important to us. One, this could not be more local and we see it as an investment in our neighborhood. Two it support refugee ministry, which is an important cause for us. Third, this will force me to cook truly seasonal, not just what Anna likes at the moment and is cheap because it is seasonal. I am a firm believer that growing as a cook means constantly stepping outside your comfort zone.

We’re excited and I’ll be sure you update you guys about how the experience goes!

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