30 before 30

Shameless stolen from this blog.

This week I turn 29 on vacation in Thailand with my handsome husband and will rush home to start nursing school. It was the perfect was to celebrate, outside of the fact that I am not dealing well with the whole last year of my 20s thing. But you can’t make time stop, so instead you try to squeeze in some awesome ways to celebrate the last year of an epic decade.

That and I love lists.

Also, the irony of starting and ending my 20s in college is not lost to me.

  1. Give nursing school my all
  2. Land a new job
  3. Plan an epic vacation to celebrate the big 3-0 and a nursing degree
  4. Buy a Replica perfume
  5. Likewise, buy my first high end lipstick
  6. Wear a bikini confidently
  7. Go on a truly relaxing vacation with Z.
  8. Finally hit my healthy range BMI
  9. Run a 5k in under 45 minutes (I’m slow and I hate running, ok)
  10. Learn to cook scallops
  11. Eat vegetarian for a whole week. We’re not going crazy here
  12. Redo my dining room
  13. Invest in some truly awesome art for our home
  14. Learn to hand make my own pasta
  15. Watch a baby being born (come on maternity clinicals!)
  16. Buy a pair of silk pajamas
  17. Get a massage
  18. Dye my hair blonde
  19. Get a tattoo
  20. Learn to not hit snooze for 15 minutes
  21. Read Syliva Plath’s The Bell Jar. After I finish that, I might work on the rest of this list since there are far too many on here that I haven’t read.
  22. Learn how I feel about motherhood because as I start 29 I am very much on the fence about this.
  23. Learn something about wine other that I like it
  24. Have a solid fitness regime because apparently I am not getting any younger
  25. Write an academic article from my thesis
  26. Marie Kondo the crap out of my home. New decade, clean house, right?
  27. Find the perfect little black dress. Wear it out with my fabulous new lipstick
  28. Take a cooking class.
  29. Drink more champagne. Actually, drink more in general, just spread out and not in concentrated settings
  30. Get a spray tan

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