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5 month check in!

Goal Check in time!

Big, most important goal: Get in to nursing school

-Lose 20 14.7 8.9 pounds.

Last update, I was down to 173.4 lbs, which was a weight loss of 5.3 lbs. Since then I have dropped to 167.6 (my all time adult low weight!). That is an additional 5.8 pounds lost, resulting in a 11.1 pound weight loss for the year. Being on a strict budget has really helped, mainly because there are just no unhealthy snacks to be had.

–  eat vegetarian once a week

This goal has been temporarily dropped. Z asked that we not focus on this goal during tax season. Still eating lots of veggies, but also all the meats.

– Do yoga or Pilates twice a week

Finally started! I had a delay after my little health blimp, but now I am back to a routine.

– not allow school to justify treating my husband neglectfully

Tax season got rough at the end. We treated each other neglectfully in that we were just never home and when we were, we were exhausted and grumpy.

– try one new restaurant a month with Z.

Fail. I don’t think we have been to a new restaurant together outside of his birthday meal.

– Read at least two books a month/ complete family reading challenge

As of today, I have finished 53 books, resulting in a total of about 13ish books a month. Boom! However, of those 20 have counted towards my reading challenge. That leaves 30 left in the reading challenge.

– Begin working towards and develop a plan for streamlining my wardrobe and beauty products.

I have sent two bags of stuff to Thredup (review coming later) and have begun evaluating my wardrobe. Career changes make it really easy to pair down your old work clothes. As for beauty, I have not bought anything new in far, far too long. Meaning I am actually using up a lot of half used products and moving through my collection at a decent clip.

I have also drunk the koolaid regarding the 30Wears campaign. This, combined with reading Marie Kondo’s latest book, have really put a fire and direction to my purchasing habits.

– Begin taking skin care seriously

Ummm sort of. I use micellar water. And a night cream. #progress.

– Be present and work on discipline. When working on school work, work on school. Same with work, time with Z., family time, etc.

Oh gosh. I need to serious address this one. It’s not been good. Actually, it’s just been all school, all the time.

This year is shaping up really well. I am very pleased in the direction I am moving. Next time I update this, it may be time to rotate some new goals in and some others out.

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