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Nursing School Requirements – Vaccines

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One of the biggest hurdles I have had to do before nursing school has actually been to get my vaccines in order. My school, and I am assuming most schools, require MMR, Chicken Pox, Hep B, TB, TDap, Flu, and Polio.

Should be easy, right? Won’t take any time at all, right? Nothing is ever easy. Ever.

First of all, my mother had no idea where my vaccine records were. I contacted my pediatricians office (now closed), the state board of health (don’t have records for my county), and finally, my high school, who still had them on file. Miraculously. If I had not been successful at my high school or college, I would have gone to my doctor at that point and discussed a new plan with her.

That covered MMR, Polio, and Hep B.

My university already had records of my TB since I had to get a chest x-ray before my CNA class.

All that left was chicken pox, flu, and a TDAP update.

My advice for this situation? Even if you had chicken pox as a kid, don’t have the blood titer run; just pay for the vaccine. I had chicken pox as a kid but there aren’t enough antibodies to show up, which means I am out the cost of both the vaccine and the (surprisingly) expensive titer. Just trust me on this one.

Secondly, after you get your TDAP vaccine booster, or any other vaccine, get a letter from your doctor right then. That moment. Do not leave without it. I repeat DO NOT. Otherwise, you will be running back and forth trying to get together all the documentation you need.


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