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Grocery Challenge 2.2

This past week I have been trying out the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse cookbook. A couple times a year, I check out  a new cookbook from the library and work my way through a decent number of the recipes, in an attempt to see if that cookbook is something I can see myself adding to my permanent collection. It does mean, however, I don’t plan my menus around sales (boo) and I have no recipe links to share with you guys.

Grocery total: $33.49 at Kroger, $12.68 at Aldi.

I got: dark chocolate bar; tortillas; English muffins; organic peanut butter; 2 bags of frozen veggies; paper towels; bath tissue; block of cheddar cheese and a bag of Mexican blend shredded cheese; 1 piece of fresh tuna; package of hot dogs; 1 shallot; 2 sweet potatoes; bag of yellow onions; cilantro; can of organic pinto beans and organic chickpeas; 2 cucumbers; 1 bag radishes; head of lettuce; kale bunch; 4 pack of organic avocados; 1 lb mushrooms; 1 lb asparagus; 6 pears; 1 pint of blackberries;  1 dozen eggs; 2 poweraids; and Z’s sodas.

For breakfast this week, I had oatmeal and my shakes. Lunch for me was this kale and chickpea salad or a kale, sweet potato, and black bean salad (nom, nom).

Saturday: Charmoula-rubbed tuna, quinoa, and asparagus.

Sunday: Spicy pinto beans, fried egg, and corn tortillas.


Monday: baked chicken thighs with roast asparagus and shallots, and roast radishes. Side note, have you guys tried roasting radishes? Holy crap, fantastic!


Tuesday: dinner with friends

Wednesday: Sesame tuna , with sesame roasted broccoli, and white rice.


Thursday: Roast pork loin with mushrooms and pear; asparagus and shallots, and white rice.

Friday: I had a quesadilla with homemade guacamole and sliced cucumber.

Life has been so chaotic lately in our rush to get ready for me to start my program, but we are eating well!

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