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Orientation Round 1

I went to my first orientation session for my nursing program. It was one evening from 5:30 to 7:30. My to do list got much larger, but my excitement went up as did my anxiety.

For our first orientation, we got an overview of how to fund our program, met the dean of the program, met our classmates, signed up for our class’s group text network, was given a large to do list, and registered for our first round of classes.

The biggest relief was to see the people I would be spending the majority of the next thirteen months with. I was so nervous about that, sure that I would be oldest and have a lack of things in common with the majority of the other students. Which was silly.

In my class there are 21 of us, including 4 men. All races, all ages. Some married, some not. Some with kids, some not. While the majority are under 24, there is certainly a good representation from us second career-ers.

The biggest priorities are now:

  1. Figure out loans since I have now official registered for classes
  2. Get my medical records in order for clinicals (this has been a nightmare)
  3. Order my supplies and books for classes

This will certainly be enough to keep me busy for the 4 weeks (gasp!) I have until I start.

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