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March Favorites


This recipe and this one here were among Z. and my favorites this month. We tried both during our grocery challenge and we will be seeing both make a return.

Asparagus. Since I wrote a whole ode to asparagus, I am sure this will not be a surprise at all. But at $1.99 a pound and with their season being so short, we feel justified in eating the crap out of them.

Link from here.

Buy Me a Pie app – Z. found this as a way for us to share grocery lists and to avoid the show up at the grocery store only to discover your list is on the kitchen table scenario. That happened to us a lot, but not now! While no app is perfect, this one meets most of our needs and we can easily share our weekly lists with each other. Which is awesome.

Random Stuff

It is no secret that the Wet and Wild megalast nail polishes are my favorites. They are cheap and I find the staying power is incredible, especially for the price (side note: would anyone be interested in a post about my favorites from this line?). This month I have especially loved this mint color called “I need a refresh Mint”. It is just so Easter-y.

nail polish

These Kate Spade earrings where my Easter gift from Z. I found them for a major steal off Poshmark and, since I have been ogling them for two years, I decided to take the plunge. I love them as much as I thought I would.



I am trying to work more skin care in to my life, so I decided to make Friday nights that I am home a spa night and do face masks. I tried this chocolate clay mask.

It smelled beautiful. It was relaxing. My skin felt so soft and beautiful. The next day? Three big blemishes on my skin. I bought two masks, so I am going to give this one more try, but right now, this is an enemy of mine.

The Easter chocolate from Ghyslain chocolatier here in Louisville. Seriously, look how pretty this is?


I bought this egg for a friend’s house warming gift and some adorable chocolate carrots for Z’s gift ( he ate them before I was able to snap a picture). I didn’t think they tasted that great. They tasted like cheap chocolate to me, and since they were most definitely not cheap, it was a big disappointment.


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