WTF is Micellar Water?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will be aware that skin care has been a huge goal of mine. As I lose weight (and get older), I have started noticing that my skin is starting to age. While I am not interested in fighting aging, I also don’t want to start looking old in my 20s. So, yeah, skin care – it’s my #adulting goal.

About my skin: My skin is incredibly dry but will overcompensate by producing oils. I also have sensitive skin. I am also super lazy. So keep that in mind while I describe my skincare.

My first goal was finding a new way to remove my makeup. I have been using Target brand makeup removal wipes for probably the last 3 years. I loved the convenience and it did seem to do a good job of removing makeup, but I also started noticing that it seemed to dry out my face and very mildly irritate it. My face always felt like it had a film on it which is the opposite of feeling clean.

I watch a lot of beauty vloggers and the current craze is micellar water, which is an old school French product. It is essentially a soft water with small oil molecules floating in it. It is supposed to remove your makeup and cleanse your face, as well as claiming to be very gentle and suitable for all skin types.

So I bought this:

OOOhhhhh Fancy. Drugstore version of fancy…. oooohhhh…

So, did it work?

Yeah, it did. I like it. It does a good job of makeup removal, although I do think my makeup removal wipes did a slightly better job. However, it is very gentle and it has made a difference in my face’s dryness.  I still wash my face in the evening or the morning because I don’t think it gets off everything, but it does an equal job to the makeup removal wipes but without the residue. There is a eye makeup version and a non-eye makeup version, I have the non and it doesn’t do well with eye makeup removal. But it also literally says that on the bottle, so I don’t think you can hold that against it.

It is more costly than the wipes*, but it has also lasted a long time. I have been using it for almost two months now I am just hitting the half way point in the bottle, whereas I went through a bag of wipes every month. I haven’t done the math but I think I am coming out ahead and I don’t have to go to the store as often, which is a huge money saver. I mean seriously has anyone ever gone to Target’s makeup section for wipes and not left after buying a whole lot more?

*I just found out this only costs $7 at Target as opposed to the $12 I paid for it at my local Walgreens. Rage, man. All the rage.

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