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Grocery Challenge, Week 2

Grocery shopping this week was a slam dunk. Our eating habits, not so much. I was so proud of my grocery skills this week, but we let a couple of bumps in the road derail us from eating at home. Z. and I put our dining out in our entertainment budget, so it is not reflected in our grocery budget.

Spent: $56.28 at Kroger.

What did I get: 2 bags of Swai, 3lb ground beef, 1.5lbs fresh salmon, 5 bags frozen vegetables, 1 bad lentils, case of Dr. K soda, 1 dark chocolate bar, taco bell fire sauce, 1 can tomatoes, 2 pints strawberries, bath tissue, 10lb bag of potato, 3lbs onion, 1 cucumber, 4 limes, 1 bunch of kale, 2 bunches of asparagus, and a large bag of dog food.

I got some killer deals on meat which is why I have all the fish and ground meat.

So what did we eat?

Saturday – we had a friend visiting so we ate lunch out. Dinner was broiled sweet and spicy salmon with rice, cabbage salad with regular cabbage instead of napa cabbage, and asparagus.

Sunday  – we ate out all day.

Monday – Lunch was leftovers and for dinner we had this lentil sloppy joes on an English muffin, potato wedges, and garden salad.

Tuesday – lunch was leftovers and I went out to dinner, while Zach had leftover lentil sloppy joes.

Wednesday  – we both had lunch meetings and dinner was roasted chicken breasts with north African spiced carrots and asparagus. We were not impressed with the carrot recipe, as a side note.

Thursday  – leftovers for lunch and dinner with our small group.

Friday – Leftovers for lunch and dinner was out with family.

Are you appalled at how much we ate out? Because we were. It was a rough week and that was so sad because I was so pleased with how well I did with grocery shopping.

Next week will be better. Our budget cannot afford for it not to!

Also, that lentil sloppy joe recipe is delicious. And makes enough for 8 servings. You’ve been warned.

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