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Grocery Challenge Week 1


This week felt really hard and that makes me a little bit nervous because I still had a lot of food in my house from the previous weeks. But it is all a learning experience, right? I linked all the recipes we used if you want to see/try some yummy food.

So here is my grocery haul:

grocery haul

I spent $18.93 at Whole Foods and $25.26 at Kroger. Grand total? 45.49

So what did we eat?

Saturday – We celebrated Z’s birthday so we had a cheese plate with bread, Caesar salad, steak with roast potatoes and asparagus, and a cupcake. Side note: if you live in Louisville, Blue Dog bakery is where it is at, folks.

Sunday – Tacos. Mine in a boat and Z.’s as a salad. With homemade margaritas, of course.

Monday – Skinny Meatloaf cupcakes with mashed cauliflower and roast asparagus.

There were three mini meatloafs, but I am bad at picture taking.

Tuesday – Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie with Caesar salads.


Wednesday – Same thing as Tuesday. Also, make your own Caesar dressing, kids. It’s delicious.

Thursday – Chicken and asparagus stir-fry with rice.

Friday – We went out to dinner with friends

For lunches, we had garden salads or cabbage and carrot salads.

Breakfast was either oatmeal for me or my spinach shake, while Z. had his eggs and English muffins.

Snacks for me were routinely strawberries, carrots with hummus, and my daily ounce of cheddar cheese.I also added in some kombucha this week to help counteract all the medications and stress that I assume is doing a number on my gut flora.

Not a bad week, but I am interested to see how I do with the rest of the month because, like I said, we used a lot of stuff that we already had in the house this week.

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