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Happy birthday, Z!

Today is my beloved’s birthday, not that we are celebrating today. As some of you may know, Z. is an accountant and this is a crazy, busy time of year. We celebrated a week early when we had *slightly* more breathing room.

So how did we celebrate Z.’s birthday?

It started in the morning. I left Z. a birthday card with $10 in it and specific instructions to go get himself a fast food breakfast. He loves fast food breakfast and I never let him have it, so it was a particular birthday treat.

Then I snuck in and took him to lunch about 2pm, which was the earliest he could leave the office. We had a great lunch together and then Z. went off to vote and I ran some errands.

Finally, while Z. worked from home, I cooked one of his favorite dinners. Look at this beautiful meal!


Streak, roast potatoes, roast asparagus, Caesar salad, cheese plate, and a cupcake to top it all off. It was an amazing meal and we just ate our dinner by candlelight and then we danced. Then Z. went out and rented Avengers II and watched it. He is romantic like a boss, guys.

When one or both of you works long hours, cooking a romantic dinner together can be a great solution for figuring how to spend time together for events such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Are you dying to be nosy and know what I gave Z. for his birthday? He is turning 27, btw, so this was not a monumental birthday but all birthdays deserve recognition.

I got him a Fitbit flex since he is constantly working on his health journey and a bottle of this bourbon:


You might think this looks like a normal bottle of liquor but it was actually a very controversial decision for us. We take our booze very seriously and as Kentucky folk we like to consider ourselves underfunded bourbon connoisseurs. And this bourbon is not a Kentucky Bourbon. #scandal. But it has strong ties with Buffalo Trace, which is a KY standard, and it had great ratings.

As much as I hate to say it, it’s good. Very sweet, even for a bourbon, but Z. really likes it. While I hate to recommend anything that isn’t KY based, this is a solid buy for your liquor cabinet. If you try it, let me know what you think.

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