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Kentucky Women’s Book Festival

Guys, I had the best weekend. This weekend was the KY women’s book festival which is held at U of L and it was absolutely wonderful.  Smallish book festivals are often ignored because they don’t have the big headliner names, but they also can be a wonderful chance to find some new authors to read. It’s like shopping local for your books, only it’s local authors, not vendors. Support your local authors, kids!

For me, I was able to meet and listen to a reading by Julie Wade, a poet/non-fiction writer, and Crystal Wilkinson, who writes African American historic fiction that heavily deals with issues of mental illness. Wilkinson was reading from her new book “The Bird of Opulence”. Not only was the readinings incredible, I was able to actually talk to them and ask their opinions on whatever..

Seriously check out this sexy brain power:

It was so wonderful to listen to these women and embracing how wonderful it was to be in a room of other literature lovers. Check the interweb and check out your closest literary festival guys. I cannot recommend it enough, and if you’re in Louisville, mark your calendar for next year!

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