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Grocery Challenge

Since my acceptance to nursing school came in, I have been freaking out about money. Freaking out really bad. This year we have diligently been living on Z’s salary, though we started trying to last year.  However, the reality of the debt we will have to take on so I can pursue my dream is overwhelming. But it still has motivated me to try and cut back wherever we can. So I imposed a self-challenge – cut my grocery budget to $200 a month.

On the surface I feel like this should be easy but there is always the worry that you can’t. There are plenty of families who do this all the time so two adults should be able to, right? We are still committed to eating very healthy and loading in fresh veggies. Are you guys interested in hearing how it goes? I mean I am probably going to anyway but it seems polite to ask.

3 thoughts on “Grocery Challenge

  1. Okay I MUST know. $200 a week or month? If it’s $200 a month, you are now clued in to what I need to work on as well! haha


    1. It is $200 a month. We are having to compromise on some of the quality we use to eat – a little less organic, etc. But I am also really learning how much extra and “just in case” food I was buying.


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