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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that time of year again.

I am one of those terribly untrendy people who shamelessly love Valentine’s Day. It’s great married, but honestly, it was even better when I was single. I would buy flowers for all my girlfriends and we would all celebrate. Or I would go out and buy myself a dozen roses, a bottle of wine, and a ridiculously expensive bar of chocolate. I sent (and still do) send cards to my niece and nephew. I just love the holiday and always have.

I know the main objection is that “we should celebrate our love all year long.” You’re right. We should. But we don’t. Life is busy and we get busy. We forget. We forget to call our friends and tell them they are loved.  Or drop a sweet card in the mail to them. We forget to send flowers to our wives or husbands or friends. We forget to book fancy dinners and get dressed up and remember all over again why the person sitting across from us is amazing. We forget to give gifts that are just a little sentimental.

So, yeah, Valentine’s Day is commercialized and cheesy. It has some bad habits like leaning hetero-normative (seriously card companies, can we get more same-sex romantic cards?).

But that doesn’t mean that the message isn’t important.

You don’t have to celebrate in the way everyone else does. A candlelight dinner of delivered Chinese food and kung foo movies can be as romantic to one couple as a five course wine dinner is to another couple. It isn’t how you celebrate that is important, but remembering to celebrate love is important. Love is something to cherish and value, and sometimes we need a reminder of that.

If you choose to, you can keep your cynicism and comments about the horribleness of the holiday. Me? Z and I will be at home sharing a bottle of wine and cooking an over-the-top calorie laden dinner together. There will be music, and sex, and conversations, and probably a kung foo movie.

If you’re single? Do the same with your other single friends, except take out the sex part. That could get complicated. Definitely do the high calorie food part. But seriously, I have some great memories from awesome Valentine’s days past with dear friends of mine. Celebrate love, in whatever form it is in your life.

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