Holidays · Marriage

Committed Partners

These are gifts for your lifelong partner, the person who see making the long haul with. How do you know this is your long haul person? I recommend the following test:

You: be sick and totally gross. Like 2 days un-bathed, runny nose, diseased. Say “bet you’re glad you’re with me”

Them: while handing you drugs for said disease, “eh, I’d still hit that.”

That, folks, is what us married people call commitment.

What I Love About You, Urban Outfitter’s, $10. A sweet idea,but make sure you give yourself enough time to fill this out!

Our Q&A a Day 3 Year Journal, Modcloth, $16.99. This is exactly what it sounds like. It asks a question a day and then repeats it a year later. I think this is a sweet gift and sentimental, yet inexpensive, idea to give to your committed partner.

Star Wars Han and Leia Hand Towels, Thinkgeek, $24.99. Confession – I own these and I love them. They are my “fancy” guest towels. They were a surprise gift given to me by a lovely friend at my wedding shower and are something I adore. I think it could be a great gift to give to your geeky love, male or female.

Hermione. For $40 we will totally give her to you because she is kind of a dick. But not the type of dick which gives you sexual pleasure, more like the metaphorical dick that is needy and greedy. Yet, in all honesty, I adore that dog and would probably end up crying on your doorstep wanting to pet her because she is so darn cute. This is not my highest recommended gift.


Kate Spade highball glasses, Kate Spade New York, $50.00. I love matching glasses because I think they are one of the few accessories that can be integrated in to all sorts of romantic moments. Quiet dinners at home, sneaking a drink while the kids are asleep, etc. Best yet, these come in His and Hers, His and His, and Hers and Hers.

Sketched Story French Press, Anthropology, $58.00. A practical and sweet gift, perfect gift for your lifelong breakfast partner.

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