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New Year’s resolutions update.

It’s been about a month and a half since I decided on my resolutions, which means time to evaluate and see where I am .

Big, most important goal: Get in to nursing school

My acceptance letter has come and I am currently trying to line out all the (endless) last minute stuff. It still feels overwhelming, but I am so relieved. I have a definite plan and direction now. No more wondering if I will get in.

-Lose 20 14.7 pounds.

I weighed in on 01/06 at 178.7, which was a 9.1lb holiday/end of the year weight gain. Ouch, right? I don’t feel in control of my life when my eating is out of control. So it feels pretty good to be back on track. Thus far, I’m down to 173.4 lbs, which is a weight loss of 5.3 lbs. But more than that, I feel back in control. I am happy with how we are eating, although I am facing a little cooking burnout which I will need to address.  I know my weight loss will slow soon, but as long as I feel pride in my food choices, that is what matters to me.

–  eat vegetarian once a week

I’ll be honest, I thought I was killing this one and I’m…. not. I ate vegetarian on 1/12, 1/19, and 02/01. Which means I am basically (sort of) hitting my goal of once a week, but it could be better. I go meatless every breakfast, but it turns out I’m not doing a good job on lining up my meatless lunches with my meatless dinners. So there were a decent number of days I was vegetarian 2 out of the 3 meals, but not all 3.

– Do yoga or Pilates twice a week

I haven’t even started. I’ll work on that.

– not allow school to justify treating my husband neglectfully

 Doing ok so far.

– try one new restaurant a month with Z.

We have been making brunch our meal out. This month we tried Roux for brunch (twice!) because they have bottomless mimosas (ten dollars!!) and we went to a fancy dinner at Asiatique. We liked both, although nothing extraordinary. I also went to dinner without Z to Lilly’s which was less than impressive.

– Read at least two books a month/ complete family reading challenge

I have read 17 books since January 1st, but only 7 counted towards the reading challenge. I loved some of the books I read, but I am in a bit of a funk right now with nothing really capturing my attention.

– Begin working towards and develop a plan for streamlining my wardrobe and beauty products.

Bahaha. Haven’t even started other than getting rid of two bags of clothes I should have been rid of ages ago. And by gotten rid of I mean they moved from my closet to a bag on the floor. Where they have been for oh…. A month. :/

– Begin taking skin care seriously

Ummm sort of. I’m trying. When I am not le tired.  Anybody remember that video? Anyone?

– Be present and work on discipline. When working on school work, work on school. Same with work, time with Z., family time, etc.

Oh gosh. I need to serious address this one. It’s not been good.

So overall, some hits and some misses. But we will have several more updates. And accountability is good right?

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