Gifts for your sister from another mister

I love sharing this holiday with girlfriends. After all, they were the first great loves of my life! Use this holiday to remind the dear friends in your life how special they are to you and embrace the wonderful role they play in your life.

A card, Etsy, etc. A card is a great way to send some Valentine’s Day love to a bff4ever. Check out some of my favorites.

Bath bombs, Etsy, $3-5. I love giving bath stuff because it is such an affordable indulgence. Affordable to give, but something that people don’t buy themselves. When you give bath luxuries, it gives people an excuse to take care of themselves, to allow themselves to indulge. For a good starting place check out these bath bombs.

bath bombs

Valentine’s Printed Flannel Throw Black and White Hearts, Target, $9.99. This throw is adorable and graphic, which is a golden combination. Great price point too, especially for something to remind your friend how awesome they are every time they wrap up in it.

throw back

Stamped spoon, Etsy, $15.00. This is a completely useless gift, which is why it is the perfect gift to bring over with a pint of icecream for your Valentine’s Day Harry Potter marathon date.


Gold Bar Necklace Thanks for Being My Unbiological Sister, Etsy, $27.00. Perfect jewelry gift for the girl who basically is your sister.


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