Week of Gift ideas

Ah Valentine’s day! Is any other holiday as derisive as this one? Next week I have a post on why this is one of my favorite holidays, but in the meantime this week will be all about gift ideas for that holiday. Now, in an ideal world, you would see something and it would instantaneously remind you of your loved one and you would know. You had found the gift. And sometimes, nothing pops out at you. That’s where this week on the blog will help you out. Personally, I find Valentine’s Day is an excuse to be overly sentimental in a way that I am usually not at Christmas, when I tend to be a bit more practical.

The nice thing about this holiday is that it comes a month and a half after the new year. If your S.O. is the type to make resolutions, that is a great starting place. For example, if their goal was to get more fit, gift an exercise class or a new workout outfit. If it is to read more, gift them a book. Resolutions are a great place to look for gift ideas.

But for the sake of all good things, please don’t give stuffed animals, boxes of chocolate in heart shapes, or overly prices roses. Unless that is your person’s cup of tea, I think we can find something a bit more personal. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting flowers and chocolates in particular, but I’d much rather Z. spend much less on something more memorable.

Also, please, please, please don’t forget the gift of gifting experiences. Cooking classes, massages, dance lessons, skydiving – whatever it is you share together or something they particularly love, give them that. Groupon is a great place to look for ideas.

So, good luck, and get going. Valentine’s Day is coming up!

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