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you’re awesome, have another

There are moments in life.. moments where you’re “that wife”. The moment where you drank the most mimosas at brunch, threw back the most cocktails, most of the bottle of wine (and the second). And you’re sad. “Why am I that wife?” “Is my husband embarrassed?” “I’m like 32, why am I buzzed after brunch?”


Seriously. Stop. You’re amazing and capable and talented. There are time when you should be embarrassed and apologize. When you accidentally embarrass a friend? Apologize. You were a dick and friends are hard to come by. Make peace. You puked and someone has to clean it up? Apologize and make peace.

But you had fun and got drunk by 3 pm because you’ve been hitting those bottomless mimosas since 10am?  No shame. Life doesn’t stop at 3o. Or even 50. You don’t stop having fun after 22. The best part of aging? You no longer have to prove you’re capable of knocking them back. You get to do it for the sheer pleasure of doing it.

So my middle-aged love, have another. Because I love you and you deserve it!

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