If you recall one of my new year goals was to get healthier. One of the choices I made was to drink more tea instead of coffee. I love tea and the acid is less than coffee, so it is a win-win all the way around. If you are think about getting in to teas or expanding what you drink, below are some of my favorite recommendations.

One of the best things I did in the past year was picking up this Teavana travel teacup. I picked it up the week after Christmas when Teavana put on clearance their holiday collection. It is essentially a travel mug with a built in diffusion for loose tea. I love drinking something warm on the way to work, especially during the winter, and this made drinking tea on the way to work convenient. And I am far too lazy to do something (especially in the morning) that requires effort. They also make ones that are a traditional mug with a diffuse lid if that is more your thing.


To go along with my teacup, I highly recommend the Teavana Gingerbread black tea. It was medium bodied, but a black tea which gives me the caffeine kick I need. I also will frequently make cups of green tea. I don’t have a recommendation for this because my father frequently brings me bags of green tea from Japan and China. #spoiled, I know.

teavana sampler
What I found in my Christmas stocking!

If teabags are what you are looking for, below are my favorites.

Stash Breakfast in Paris. One of the most frequently kept teas in my desk drawer. Caffeine but with a beautiful lavender flavor. Throw in a little vanilla almond milk and you have one happy woman.

breakfast in paris

Stash Pumpkin Spice. This has been in my monthly favorite before. I buy it in bulk every year in the Stash after Christmas sale. By far my favorite fall and winter tea.

pumpkin spice

Tazo wild sweet orange. This one is sweet, but tart. A beautiful mid-afternoon pick-me up. Another one I frequently keep in my desk drawer and one I have been drinking for years now.


Downton Abbey® Estate Blend Tea Bags which can be purchased at World Market. This is essentially the old Republic Tea Earl Gray repackaged. I love earl gray but am picky about which ones I buy. This one is pricey, but delicious. Again, warm yourself up a little milk and settle in for a good night.

republic tea

Finally, for a before bed tea, I love the Yogi bedtime tea. It says it has licorices in it, but it just tastes like a lightly sweet, minty tea. I hate chamomile, so this has it but blended with more standout flavors.

yogi tea

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