2016 Reading Challenge

Sometimes your siblings have the best ideas and this year, my middle sister came up with a great idea. Everyone (for the most part) in my family are avid readers, but we all read very different things and all of us have bad habits of falling in to reading ruts. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you’ll notice I get stuck in the same genre so easily. Plus, as you age and move away from each other, it can get harder to find things to talk about with your family besides work.

So my sister proposed a reading challenge. We found a great one on Pinterest from here and created a shared GoogleDoc so we can see what each other is reading. I’ll be honest, I am so excited about this!! I think it will keep me from falling in to a rut and keep me motivated to keep reading because I don’t want to be the one to not finish. Not every book I read will fit a category on the list, but I bet I will be surprised.

Reading Challenge.jpg
Found here

All forms of consuming literature count, including e-books, comic books, and audio books. If we like the challenge, next year we plan on creating our own challenge!

What about you, dear readers? Any exciting challenges for this year? Any recommendations for books that fit these categories?

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