December Favorites

I didn’t spend a lot of time trying new things, despite the fact that I did a heck of a job buying new things. I suffer mightily from the one for you, one for me holiday buying pattern. Probably should work on that next year… maybe.

But here were the things I did enjoy this month.

December Favorites

Christmas. All the Christmas things. Lights and hot chocolate and warm wine and gifts and mistletoe and Christmas movies and all of it. All.

French Press. Z. has decided to become this master of making coffee. Merry Christmas to me (!). So, we quit using the Keurig and have been a French press family for the past few weeks. After reading far, far too many articles of how to properly use the press, he has gotten pretty good at it. Although now we think we need a bigger one since we only have a single serving size. We’re bad at saving money. We have the Bodum Brazil 3-Cup French Press Coffee Maker from Target, but I seriously don’t know why we didn’t get the 8 cup since it is like $3 more.

french press


Lorac Riesling Romance palette. Guys, this thing is a total, amazing steal. I picked it up for $15 and it has been an amazing purchase. It is a soft, goldish, work-friendly palette. Neutral palettes are all the rage right now, but I actually have a hard time finding good warm toned neutrals that aren’t all browns. This has soft golds and pinks, but it also offers a good transitional color and some deepening colors. I grabbed it during black Friday and it has been a well-worthwhile purchase. I can already tell that it will become my go-to for travel and I am sure my obsession will continue with it well in to 2016.


Revlon Colorstay Lip Butter in Red Velvet. I apologize because this is discontinued, but it is the perfect Christmas red lipstick and I have been wearing it accordingly. In general I love the lip butter formula because it feels so good on the lips, which makes me forgive the fact that I have to frequently reapply it.


Books –

Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me. This is a hard book to get through. I expected that it would be hard, that it would make me uncomfortable, and that I could grow through my discomfort. But, instead, I found myself being defensive. I didn’t like his anger, I didn’t like his radical views, and I didn’t like that in the end, it didn’t matter what I liked or didn’t like. The author could care less if I have an opinion of his view; this text is one where I was not invited to and a world where I didn’t belong. I could read and learn or I could read and leave, but either way, he wasn’t concerned with me as a white reader. As uncomfortable as that is, I think it is an important thing to face. We need to face black anger. We need to listen to the rants and the pain and the lists of injustice because we don’t live it and we need to know that we don’t live it.


Prada D’Iris perfume. I am trying to find a new perfume to change up my routine since I have been wearing Burberry Brit for years… maybe 7 years? I love the scent of Iris and this had great reviews, so I picked up a sample and wore it for approximately a week and a half, but on my body chemistry this perfume had the worst staying power. For example, I put it on when I dressed for work this morning at 7 am and by 9:45 the scent had worn off. No bueno.

3 thoughts on “December Favorites

  1. You left out a very important part about the coffee. What grinder you are using! You ARE using whole bean right? Right?! You better be. 😉


  2. This may not surprise you at all, BUT my fave perfume is Princess by Vera Wang. Scents give me migraines if I use too much, but I’ve decided a headache is worth it every once in a while!


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