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New Year Resolutions

I am a big resolution maker so this time of year is my jam. I know there are a lot of people who don’t believe in making resolutions or who believe it is just something people do but never follow through. While I certainly do not claim to complete my resolution every year, I still find the ritual important and comforting to me. Last year I did not follow my usual pattern and I felt that I struggled a lot more with intention.

In the end, new year resolutions are nothing more than goals – goals for growth, life improvement, and prioritizing yourself. That’s good shit.

I start thinking about what I want to do in December since I find the holidays really put me in a reflective mood. I finally my list at the new year and then I check back in with my resolutions several time throughout the year to make sure that I am consistently moving towards my goals. I find that as I age, I really want to strive towards becoming the version of myself that I want to consistently be. Does that make sense? I like who I am but I always want to be working towards more intentionality in my life.

So without further ado here are my goals:

2016 Word: Being present and intentional

Big, most important goal: Get in to nursing school

-Lose 20 pounds.

–  eat vegetarian once a week

– Do yoga or Pilates twice a week

– not allow school to justify treating my husband neglectfully

– try one new restaurant a month with Z.

– Read at least two books a month

– complete family reading challenge

– Begin working towards and develop a plan for streamlining my wardrobe and beauty products.

– Begin taking skin care seriously

– Be present and work on discipline. When working on school work, work on school. Same with work, time with Z., family time, etc.

What about you guys? Do you do resolutions and if you do, what are they?

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