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Stocking Stuff Ideas for Fellas

I LURV Christmas stockings. LURV.  Opening our stockings is one of my favorite memories from childhood and I still get excited about it today. Probably because I have always had and continue to have a love for tiny adorable things. Z and I normally have a $50 cap on stockings, which he sticks to religiously and I…. don’t. But I will admit sometimes I struggle to find things to put in Z’s stocking, so today we are going to work together on a list of awesome things.

  • Let’s be real here. You have to have candy. I always put one or two of his favorite candy bars in there and then, because we are trying to lose weight, I will buy an expensive dark chocolate bar in honor of less quantity, more quality.
  • Z could win an Olympic medal in losing these so I always throw them in.
  • Mini usb connectors.
  • Cologne sample. I collect them throughout the year and put them in his stocking so he has new colognes to wear and try
  • Dress socks. This year they were Star Wars ones that I found in the dollar section of Target.
  • Fancy-ish shaving cream. Two years ago I threw some nice shaving cream in his stocking and ever since then he has been addicted. His favorite is the Crabtree and Evelyn in the tubes. We have an outlet near us so whenever they have a sale, I will pick up a tube or two, so he has it all year long.
  • K-cups or mini bags of coffee. Occasionally my Kroger has free K-cup samplers so in the stocking they go.
  • Bath bombs. Z loves taking a bath to relax, so I am interested to see if he likes these. Either way it is a neat idea. I got ours from a local place at Louisville’s Flea off Market.
  • Portable phone charger. Super useful since my car doesn’t have a charger that works and Z’s phone is always dead
  • You laugh, but Z’s mom gave him a jar of blackberry jalepeno jelly for St. Nick’s day and that stuff was awesome.
  • Fancy spices. World Market is awesome for this.
  • Airline bottles of booze
  • When we were dating, I went on a cruise and brought back cigars that went in the stocking
  • Food items in general. All the people like food and you can grab it while grocery shopping.
  • Comic books. Z reads everything online but sometimes it’s nice to throw in a physical copy of an edition that is special to him.
  • Similar logic to above
  • Gloves because the ones from last year are long gone
  • Z always uses mine so it’s nice to give him his own
  • Deck of cards. We both use them as bookmarks for our nighttime reading.
  • Couple gifts for the bedroom like condoms or a new lube
  • Gift certificates. Last year it was a subscription to a healthy food box.
  • Movie tickets or tickets to a show you both want to see

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