Semester Update

This fall I took Physiology and a Certified Nursing Assistant Course. It was… hard.  I worked harder in this class than in any class I have ever had before. And I am pretty sure I got a C. I am disappointed and yet proud at the same time. I am proud of how much I learned and how hard I worked, but at the same time, I am disappointed that my grade will be so low. I have always prided myself on high grades so I am working through these feelings as we speak.

But the important thing is that this semester is over. My CNA course was completed over Thanksgiving and my final for physiology was yesterday.  I promised Z. that I would not focus on my grades right now and instead just celebrate the holidays with us.

So, we have a party at our house this weekend that we are prepping for (yay!). I also secretly bought Z. tickets to the UK game this week as a reward to him for what a wonderful and overly supportive spouse he has been this semester. I am not a big sports fan, but I fully intend to sport full sports gear and embrace the sports-ness of it all. I am sure I will have updates for you guys soon on this quintessential Kentucky tradition.

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