Christmas List Time

There are people so naturally gifted at gifting (ha!) that they always seem to know what to get everyone in their life. Then there are people like me. I love finding gifts at the holidays and giving people that little item they would never give themselves. If I can find them.  Now, I know that Christmas is not about giving gifts. But, for the majority of us, it is a part of the holiday season. You can lose so many hours finding that perfect thing that you can find yourself resenting the time spent which, you know, is exactly what the spirit of giving is not supposed to be. So, I find gift lists like this helpful to me and I wanted to give back to the internet some of the help it has given me throughout the years.

This gift list will last all week and is broken down into stereotypes about people. It’s also overwhelmingly geared toward the feminine. Sorry about that. Z. pointed out how sexist my list was, so I invited him to write a few blogs about gifts for me or more gender neutral gifts. He then decide my lists were fine. Funny how that works.

I usually find it much easier to find gifts when I have an unlimited budget, so the focus of this gift list is on the under $50 range, with the majority of the price points in the $25 and under.

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