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Pinterest Challenge #2

Art in my home is constantly evolving and changing. Although we have been living in our house for a year, there is still a lot of bare space and moving things around until I decide if that is there perfect place. One problem area is our living room. I have been trying to find things that are minimalist, reflect our personality, but to avoid turning our house into a shrine of our wedding. Does anyone else feel that way? You pay so much money for your wedding pictures and you like them so much, but at some point it can feel like a bit much. Enter this project.

Here is the source of my pin:


And this is my result:

IMG_1417      frame

It was a super easy project. I used a frame from Ikea that I had sitting around and some brown paper that came in a package we ordered. One cutout from google search for a bowler hat and a mustache, some tape, and it was completed.

I still think that wall needs a few more things, but each step is moving forward!

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