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So you wanna be a nurse… Now What?

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Image found here

Congratulations! You made the brave/ terrifying decision to change careers and become a nurse. What do you do next?

First, write down what you need/want. Then prioritize the items on your list.  This will give you a place to start evaluating programs. For me, I wanted something 1.) that would graduate me with a BSN 2.) a relatively quick program and I needed to 3.) evaluate cost of program vs. cost of having me not earning an income. Also, it had to be a program in Louisville because of Z.’s job.

Secondly, find programs that match what you want. I found mine pretty quickly; it was a second degree accelerated BSN program with both day and night options.

Once you decide what program works for you, it is time to evaluate what you need to do to get into that program. For me, because I had an arts background, I needed a number of science pre-reqs including Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, and Pathophysiology. My intended program also required a nursing research class and CNA certification. They also required I have a 3.0 undergraduate gpa, get a specific CPR license, and pass the TEAS V exam.

You'll do all the studying
You’ll do all the studying.

Sidenote here: normally I would advocate finding 2 or 3 programs and keeping your options open. However, that wasn’t really an option for me. So, if you have multiple options, apply around. Otherwise hope for the best and have a backup plan for in case that falls through. Personally that involved making sure I was employed while applying and not leaving my job until my status in a program is secure.

Three: make a timeline of how to get everything you need. This has been by far the hardest aspect for me. I take classes at night because of my work so finding what I need when I can take it, plus dealing with multiple school administrations has been a nightmare. So, timeline is important, as is being tenacious. I will actually write a separate post on this because it was so difficult for me.

3 ½  – Implement said timeline. Start taking classes, get things knocked off that to do list. Give yourself more time to do it than you’ll think you will need.

Four – actually apply to the program you want to go to. I just did this a few weeks ago. Stay on top of them. I followed up my application two weeks later with an email and found out the school actually needed some additional information. Who knows when they would have remembered to let me know that.

Five, no idea. I will update you once I know the status of my application.

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