Halloween Movies

This weekend contained a key Purol family event. Good family friends of mine had their annual family bonfire which Z. and I consider one of our essential social events. So much so that we have yet to spend a Thanksgiving together, but we have made this event every year that we have known each other.bonfire

I’m normally so sad to see that event come and go that I have to keep my seasonal joy going in my little corner of the world. Today marks the beginning of the ABC Family’s 13 Days of Halloween, which is this bizarre marker that we are fully in the year’s end festivities. YAY! However, I neither have cable nor do I always think that ABC does the best choice with their movie selections, so here are the 13 key movies I think should be watched every Halloween!

Now, I always proclaim how much I love Halloween movies, but I am a giant wimp. I get nightmares so easily, and I am not real keen on scary or gory films. This is a great list if you are a giant baby like me or just prefer some lighthearted twists to this holiday. It will be a twofold blog, the first list is more family friendly movies, and the second list is my favorite classic horror movies.

  1. The Nightmare before Christmas. I am in the camp of watching this movie non-stop from September to January. Tim Burton has his own issues, but October for me tends to be a giant Burton-athon just because his movies make me feel like happy during this holiday. Also the line where Jack sings to Sally “My dearest friend, if you don’t mind, I’d like to join you by your side” gives me all the feels. How often do romantic relationships refer to each other as dear friends? Available on Netflix.

    Image located here
    Image located here
  2. Fantasia, 1940s version. This is a bit of a stretch I will give you, but it has magic and wizards and a few ghosts thrown in, so I am going to call it a Halloween movie. Available on Netflix.
  3. Hocus Pocus. Bette Midler. That’s really all the endorsement this movie needs, plus it is about as scary as I get.
  4. Halloweentown. Do you guys remember this movie? It was a Disney channel original and I totally bought it on Amazon so I can watch it every single season! I just love the characters and how it is the best type of teen angst. Available on Amazon.

    Image located here.
    Image located here.
  5. Casper. Because he is the friendliest ghost.  This sweetest tale of friendship combined with the true love and ghosts is the perfect Halloween tale.
  6. Corpse Bride. Another Tim Burton movie, but the man makes excellent “scary” cartoon. I am just fascinated by his animation, which again works beautifully here. If only he could work with someone other than Helen and Johnny. Available on Netflix.
  7. The Addams Family. I love this movie and I love these characters. They are such an eclectic family, but they deeply devoted to each other. Plus is there a better example of marriage than Morticia and Gomez? Available on Netflix.

    Image from here.
    Image from here.
  8. Addam Family Values. The only sequel on this list, I find both movies worth watching. Maybe back to back? Available on Netflix.
  9. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow – this is actually a segment on the The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad Disney movie. If you have never seen it, it is an adorable re-telling of the classic story. You can watch it here.
  10. Mickey’s House of Villains. I personally hate Mickey Mouse club house, but I can tolerate Mickey Mouse of Mouse much more. However, I adore this one and the Christmas one as well. I have a huge soft spot for vintage cartoons, and this is just a small collection of older, scary cartoons. Happiness. Available on Netflix.

    Image from here
    Image from here
  11. It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I have a weird relationship with Charlie Brown. This movie is sad and everyone is so mean in it. Seriously, like what adults give a kid a rock for Halloween? But I love Linus’s blind faith in the Great Pumpkin and how Lucy, despite being Lucy, still goes out to care for her brother. Watching this movie is just a tradition I am not ready to give up yet. Available on Amazon.
  12. Young Frankenstein. Confession time: for several years I used to have a big girls Halloween night and invite all my girlfriends over for food, cocktails when we were of age, and this Mel Brook’s classic. Maybe my favorite of all of his movies, this classic comedy is always worth watching again. Sadly I couldn’t find this digitally, but you can buy it for $4.99 on Amazon and watch the mail militantly.

    Image found here
    Image found here
  13. Scooby Doo, some collection of it. Inevitably one night I will download and just binge watch a bunch of Scooby doo cartoons. I adore Scooby and the mysteries always have some paranormal aspect to them to fit the Halloween season.

Honorable Mentions: These are movies that are amazing, but I tend to watch them all year long and not just reserve them for this holiday season. Ghostbusters, E.T., Monster’s Inc., and Sweeney Todd.

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