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Planning an Impromptu Romantic Night

Z. and I are big fans of the surprise romantic nights in. Between our shared love of food and our new budget, these are some great ways to connect with each other and are some of the most fun you can have on a budget (where the details can also go on the internet). So, without further ado…

Step One: Pick a dish you both love but it way cheaper to make at home. For us, it is mussels. We love them, they are so cheap, and not crazy hard to cook. Full disclosure: I feel like my technique is good, but I am still finding the perfect recipe.

musselsStep Two: Pair it simply. This is not the time for extra stress. Bread and salad. Boom dinner.

acorn squash salad

Step Three: Booze

Step Four: Pick up your space and light some candles.

romantic dinner

Step Five: Indulge in something you both love, but don’t normally do as a couple. Last night, we binge watched episodes of Julia Child’s cooking show and dreamt about cooking classes we would like to take one day.  We don’t watch tv very often, so this was fun and relaxing. But do what works for you – watch a movie, read books together, play a board game. The only thing off limits is work. This includes housework. Seriously, dishes and laundry will be there tomorrow. Nights like this with your spouse won’t.

Nothing says romance like a new soup recipe. Click here to read more about this woman.

Step six: Generally ignore everything I said and substitute in what relaxes you. Hate cooking? Pizza by candle light is amazing. Don’t pick up your space, close the curtains, and light some candles. Candles hide clutter. Just make sure you have enough that you can see your delicious dinner. I am firm believer romance is 25% environment and 75% letting yourself savor this moment with your partner.

Now, go do it!

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