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Pinterest Challenge 1-ish

If you are wondering “hey Anna, what happened to the Pinterest challenge?” Well, yeah, pin-fail more like it. The first week I tried a nail polish thing. I messed it up so badly, I was embarrassed to post it. The second time, I was like “I will learn from my mistakes.”

I am never allowed to buy nail polish again. Ever.

Seriously, it made me question my ability to adult. So, here is something I failed at slightly less. I made a wreath for my front door.


Found here. Includes tutorial!

I didn’t want to add flowers, but I liked the simplicity of it. I am not overly fond of wreaths with tons of stuff on them.

My results:


Thoughts – I would consider this a 70% win. I like how it looks and it is customized to my home. It was a super easy project and it took less than 2 hours, which included me watch bad tv and making another run out to the craft store.

The 30% fail was because I promise Z. this would be like a $10 project. It was more like a $20 project, which still isn’t bad, but I did double the budget. It also made my husband roll his eyes a lot. I also think the wreath is a little off balance. I plan on fixing the bow and moving it so it is higher than where is currently is. Watch for a blog update!

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