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September Favorites


Food –

Tazo pumpkin spice chia teabags – I’ve already been through two boxes. That is impressive, even for me. But a girl has to fulfill her basic desires. I talk more about it here.

coffeeEinstein’s vanilla hazelnut coffee – We had a major catastrophe at work this month. Our office coffee pot went out and I use coffee to deal with my stress, which was high this month. My student worker directed me to try this and OMGoodness. Seriously. I love it and I am slightly dreading when I have to face the reality that paying $2 a day for coffee is ridiculous.

Books –

Nimona. I found this story to be absolutely adorable and fun. It is a fun read, and who doesn’t need that? It apparently started as a webcomic, but I never read it in that format. It was just handed to me by a colleague, and I adored it. Turns out librarian colleagues have pretty awesome test.

Pretty Deadly Volume 1 – I think. I am not 100% sure. It was beautiful and interesting, but I also felt it was a little deliberately confusing.

pretty deadly
See how pretty it is.


Everything else

Naked 3 palette. Honestly, this is the least favorite, for me, of the Naked collection. Z. gave it to me as a gift and I worried that I had wasted our money with something I never reached for. But, for whatever reason, as soon as the weather started turning cooler, I started reaching more and more for this palette. The rosy gold tones look very seasonal yet professional.

Original image found here
Original image found here. Thanks to another wordpress user for her hard work on her blog!

If you have this palette and haven’t thought about rocking it to work, consider trying our this fall work look or this one here which is a little smokier.

This Target pumpkin –  For a two-fold reason. The main one is that it is just stinking cute. And secondly, it inspired me to commit to the ideas I already had for decorating my house. Essentially, it gave my fall crafting a direction. Plus, this was a pre-made item that was made to look imperfect and crafted. I take that as target giving me permission to craft my own gold and white pumpkin goodness.


Pumpkin beer fails – I feel like I have been playing pumpkin beer roulette. I just haven’t found the perfect one yet. The Sam Adams Octoberfest is just mediocre (like most Sam Adam’s products). I love the Schalfy but only off the tap.

My winner last year was the Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, but I haven’t found it in my usual haunts (ha! Look at that Halloween pun) yet. But I promise you there will be a pumpkin beer on my October favorites.

Batman Year One – spoiler alert: Everyone loved this book, but it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t like the way Alfred was portrayed and I think it is very weird that in this universe Alfred shows up and then suddenly the Waynes are killed. And no one questions that we should just leave their kid to this random stranger. Like I said, this story line was just not want I enjoyed.

Football Season – Boo on all of it. The bright side for Z. is that I have no trouble studying while he watches it.

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