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How to Not Let Studying Smother the Seasons

Life is busy. Then you add trying to go back to school and it adds a whole other filter of complications. Personally, I am someone who needs to feel connected to the world around me in a very tangible way. I admire those who can compartmentalize and be able to essentially put their life on hold for a year or two to achieve their goals. It really shows a type of dedication I don’t have.

But for me, personally,  I need certain things in my life to feel connected and not completely overwhelmed. They are usually visual or tactile things that connect me to the world outside of my textbooks. These are some of the things I do during the fall season to help me.

  1. Open the windows or sit on my front porch when studying. If you were to drive by my house, you’ll find me studying in a room with several windows open or sitting on my front porch studying. You have to make time to study, but there is no rule that says you can’t enjoy a little nature while you are doing it. Plus, all those fresh breezes are good for the brain.
  1. Fall candles. All the fall candles. I am a firm believer in setting a mood when studying. Studying is hard enough already without making it more unpleasant. I love candles so I save my fall candles for moments that I associate positively (date nights at home with Zach, entertaining friends) and studying. The light and the scent instantly relax me.
  1. Special pair of seasonal socks. This is a very inexpensive way to remember the season. I love fun socks, so I buy a couple $1 pair of seasonal socks and wear them when I study. They are my study socks and who can be sad when you have ghosts on your feet?


  1. I study with music playing, normally a classical channel, so I don’t get distracted and start belting James Taylor while I am supposed to be learning how the brain processes auditory impulses. I’m still old school, meaning I am rocking out to Pandora. Fortunately, especially during seasons like this, they tend to have themed stations to suit most music tastes.  Guess who is learning neural pathways while listening to “Spooky Symphonies”? This girl right here.

These are certainly not the only way to enjoy the season, but it is a few of the ways that I try to make the seasons more pleasurable. A little way to reward myself for studying and remind me to enjoy fall even while studying.

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