Pinterest Challenge

So my sister, S., proposed this awesome challenge for herself and invited me to join her. Perhaps invited is a bit mild – told with a question mark at the end is perhaps a better description. The premise is that we have all these beautiful ideas pinned to our pinterest boards, but we never actually get around to doing them. They just sit like bumps on the proverbial internet log. So each week her goal is to complete one pin. Sometimes it is something small like a new nail idea or recipe; sometimes she plans ahead and will slowly work on a larger project and just completes a smaller pin in the meantime, while she works on her bigger project.

I actually love the idea. I’m really good at trying recipes that I pin, mainly because I really like to vary my food. But I have done so few of the other pins – Outfit inspiration? Maybe once. Nails? Yeah, no, only pinned them.  Crafts? Yep, only one.

So, it’s time. I’m doing this. Starting next week, each week I am going to accomplish one pin and report back to you, dear reader. It’s going to happen. I’m excited.

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